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Having lived in the area forty nine years, you won’t find anyone more involved in the community.  Through our sports streaming and school fundraising, we want to help our communities, see this at .

Increasing value is another important to me.  I have developed three parcels of land that have increased the value of properties in my area.  I have built, sold, and listed and sold millions of dollars of land and homes.

Working with loan officers and all aspects of the process, I can help you relax and enjoy the experience.  There are working loans available, there are banks willing to help.  If you need a local bank or large regional or national, I can help.  There is nothing worse than getting in to a deal and having the wrong lender.  I am not steering, but you have a right to know who wants to make a loan, who can make a loan, and who will treat you with respect everytime.

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office304 553 0692304 553 0692
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Burns Realty – Commercial Advantage Realty

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